Support of IT companies

The dramatic growth of the Ukrainian IT marked determined the need of modern IT-companies for a permanent comprehensive legal support, particularly due to the constant attention of the state, which is not always conscientious.

LBA experts become the trusted advisors to their clients, able to understand and direct their business, as well as to help them solve their problems rather then simply reveal the shortcomings.

We also help IT-companies create the necessary contractual basis, secure rights for their products, protect customer database and prevent the unfair transfer of their employees to the competitors.

On top of that we will protect your interests in disputes with tax and other law-enforcement authorities.

We provide the following services:

  • Maintaining of tax and business accounting for IT-companies;
  • Tax planning, tax minimization;
  • Legal support of M & A transactions;
  • Registration of the copyright, domain names, trademarks (for goods and services);
  • Legal support of patents for inventions, utility models, industrial designs;
  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive corporate security system;
  • Interaction with regulatory authorities;
  • Protection from hostile takeovers (raiding);
  • The struggle against corporate fraud;
  • Legal support of start-ups.

Price list

Type of service
Agreement for hourly wages for legal services provided
Hourly payment
From 1300 to 2600 UAH per hour of work of a lawyer (lawyer)