Corporate Law and Security

BA provides legal services in the field of corporate legal relations connected with creation, reorganization and liquidation of business entities, the acquisition of assets, corporate rights (shares, units) of economic entities, as well as the creation of associations of enterprises.

Our team develops a comprehensive approach to the solution of legal problems related to both the corporate restructuring and the creation of optimal legal model, taking into account all the features of a particular business, as well as the form of taxation.

In addition, LBA has accumulated experience in developing unconventional integrated solutions in the field of corporate security aimed at identifying, leveling and preventing internal and external threats to the business of our customers in various sectors of the economy.

LBA provides the following  corporate security services:

  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive system corporate security;
  • Protection from hostile takeovers (raiding);
  • The struggle against the corporate fraud.


Price list

Type of service
Agreement for hourly wages for legal services provided
Hourly payment
From 1300 to 2600 UAH per hour of work of a lawyer (lawyer)