Labor law

Penalties for the presence of unregistered employees have been introduced since the beginning of 2017. The size of the fine for one employee can be about 100 thousand hryvnia, which forces businesses to actively seek solutions to this problem. And lawyers from the Law Business Association will be able to provide entrepreneurs with effective assistance in this difficult situation.

As we know, the situation is complicated by a draft inspection procedure developed by the Ukrainian civil service for labor. According to this document, the labor inspector is given very large powers. And for not admitting a labor inspector to such a check of the registration of hired employees, a fine of over 300 thousand hryvnias has been declared.

In the course of the inspection, business entities may engage third parties (for example, lawyers) to protect their rights and interests, who have the right to represent the interests of the enterprise before the state control and supervision bodies in the manner prescribed by the Law.

The law firm Law Business Association is ready to provide comprehensive legal services in such situations. Lawyers and legal consultants from the LBA can be present during the audit of an enterprise or firm, work with the documents and materials involved in the implementation of this audit.

At the moment a labor inspector visits the company’s office, any employee legally notifies his manager and lawyer of his arrival. And the inspector is politely asked to wait until the arrival of these persons.

Further, on the basis of vast experience and professionalism, the Law Business Association performs all the work to support an unscheduled inspection of an inspector for the presence of unregistered employees, non-compliance with minimum state guarantees in wages and other violations of labor legislation. And a company that has faced a similar problem saves on penalties.

Due to risks of this kind, regular LBA clients actively seek protection even at the stage of preparation for such innovations, to adapt the business model to any inspections and new legislative regulations.

LBA Law Firm is always ready to provide you with legal services on the latest and most pressing issues. Legal assistance from the Law Business Association will help you and your company solve the most complex legal and judicial issues in Kiev, Ukraine and abroad. Comprehensive legal services for your business from LBA will provide legal protection in the most difficult situations.

Price list

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Agreement for hourly wages for legal services provided
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From 1300 to 2600 UAH per hour of work of a lawyer (lawyer)